Table Rental

In addition to full-service casino party events where we provide dealers, we also rent our gambling tables.  Our staff will drop off the tables, assemble them and provide you with all the guidance you need to put on your own casino event.

Tables come with all equipment needed to play (chairs not provided):

Blackjack Tables – Include a dealer’s shoe with six decks of cards, a discard rack, a chip tray and three denominations of poker chips.


Poker Tables – Include a deck of cards, three denominations of poker chips and buttons for the dealer, small blind and big blind.


Roulette Tables – Include a wheel, seven colors of roulette chips, three denominations of poker chips, a marker and a roulette ball.


Craps Tables – Include dice, ON / OFF buttons, wooden craps stick and three denominations of poker chips.


For more information on table rental, including pricing, please contact us at 314.596.2168 or click here.